2003 HPF News

Many of the HPF boys traveled to Philadelphia for the marriage of Dan Sheedy to the lovely Denise McAnn on Sept. 5th, 2003.  It was a great time for all at a wonderful location.  Congratulations to Dan and Denise!  Attending were best man Tom Gwin, Jeff Reed with his girlfriend Beth, Ted Moynihan, Gary Murphy, Jim Gruber and his wife Marsha, Tim Burke and his wife Jan, Dave & Margie Clarke, Bob and Kate Leach, and Dave & Audrey Halpert.  Take a look at some wedding pictures.

Several members of HPF attended a get-together on June 13th, 2003 at Ted Moynhian's house in Plainfield, NH during is his class's 25th Reunion .  Class of 78's attending included Al Johnson, Kevin Chase, John Swain, Nick Sachnovsky, Jeff Petrich and Joe Sullivan along with spouses and a passel of children.  Dave Halpert, Jeff Reed, Steve McAllister and Dave Marston also put in an appearance.



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