2005 HPF News

Received an email from Jim Bullion on June 8th, 2005 - he is finally headed home for good from Iraq on June 11th after completing two deployments totaling 18 months away!  He sent the picture below:

I recently received some very sad news, HPF brother Bruce McLane (class of 1972 and probably better known as 'old grandfather frog') died of heart failure on May 11, 2005.  There is an obituary for Bruce in Sunday's (May 15) Washington Post; Bruce worked at the Post for the past 20 years as a senior advertising executive. 

A memorial service for Bruce was held Saturday May 28th  in Bethesda, Maryland.   According to David Hunt, his memorial service, which was attended by many (15or so) of the boys, was very moving, and great eulogies were given by Tom Kent and Dicky Hefler, among others.

Our deepest condolences go out for Bruce's wife Claire and their two children, Alexis and Isabelle McLane. 

I remember so vividly living with Bruce and Claire in the 'mansion' over in Norwich for two years back in the late seventies as well as his involvement with many other HPF occasions over the years including attending the mini-reunion of HPF Bro at the Penn-Dartmouth game just this past fall.

Photo of Bro at the Memorial (right to left), courtesy of Brian O'Sullivan via Bob Leach
Joe (Deedah) Younger, Chuck (Hulk) Higden, Dave (Dumbshit Texan) Clark, Dan Sheedy, Richard (Dickie Dump Truck) Hefler, Steve (Payme) Johnson, Lex McCusker, Dave (Doody) Hunt, Brian (Bumpy) O'Sullivan, Jeff (Ceeps) Reed, Frank (Ghost) Anton, and Tom Kent.

Rich Pender forwarded me a recent email he received from Jim Bullion in Iraq on April 18th.  Jim said he was supposed to return from his latest posting in May but has extended his tour until June at the request of his commanding general.  Jim did have one request - he is once again running low on cigars and asked if any HPF bro could send him some if possible.  He also forwarded the following photo.

Sarge on April 5, 2005 with Iraq Army Chief-of-Staff

I received an email from Lt. Colonel James Bullion on New Years Day, 2005.  Jim is back in Iraq and is now assigned to the Multinational Security Transition Command, which is responsible for rebuilding the Iraqi military and police forces.  Let's all wish for Jim to have a safe tour and return to his family as soon as possible.  Jim can be reached by email at bullionjl@mnstci.iraq.centcom.mil .




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