2006 HPF News

Mike Fried, class of 1976, sent me this recent picture just before Christmas.

Got an email from Bill Wright '81 on Dec. 2nd who sent me a picture of Bill and Bart Gawboy '78 taken this past August when Bill was taking his son on prospective college visits in the LA area.  Check out those shirts!

I recently got a real blast from the past when I received an email and then spoke with Mike 'Snavely' Hanson from my class of 1977.  Mike had been out of touch with most of the HPF Bro' for quite a few years.  Mike suggested that we organize an HPF specific event at our upcoming 30th reunion in June.  It's a great idea and we definitely will plan something - stay tuned!

Mike also mentioned that he has a son, Will, who is an '09 at Dartmouth.

Mike related some old Harold's lore related to how he got his nickname and how he recently discovered where 'Snavely' came from:

I was a late pledge at HPF and the guys really did not know me very well at the time.  So, when it came to picking nicknames, no one knew what to do with me.  There was a sample shirt at the House for ordering purposes with the name "Snavely" on the back.  It had been at the House for years, and no one knew where it came from.  Trey Howard (then House President, I think) dared me to take the shirt and the name.  I guess I had had enough to drink, so I said yes, and it stuck  -- I still have the shirt.  

Five years ago, I finally discovered where the name Snavely came from.

Back in the 1930s or 1940s there was a Dartmouth - Yale football game in which Yale won by a narrow margin on a last minute drive.  Days after the game, while reviewing the films, the Yale coach discovered an error by the referees.  Yale had been allowed 5 downs on their drive, rather than 4.  They scored, I believe, on that illegal 5th down.

The Yale Coach called the Dartmouth Coach and conceded the game  - giving Dartmouth the Ivy Championship  (I think).  The Yale coach became an instant celebrity at Dartmouth and in the League.  His name:  Joe Snavely.   

The shirt, prepared by the shirt manufacturer, must have played on his celebrity.  
However, "all fame is fleeting."  How the name got on an HPF shirt in the 1970s is still a mystery to me -- perhaps simple commercial inertia.  

Had a nice lunch with Steve and Stephanie Green at Thayer Dining Hall on Sept.12th as they were dropping off their son Chris, and Audrey and I were dropping of our daughter Caitlin for the start of their Freshman orientation at Dartmouth.

Some of us old codgers are still in the baby making business!  Rich Pender recently sent me some pictures of Rich and Denise's new addition, Ian Pender, born on May 25, 2006 and also a picture forwarded from Joel Rappoport of Joel and Alex's new addition, Emma, born on Sept. 4, 2006.

Ian Pender

Alex, Emma and Joel Rappoport

Dan Sheedy forwarded me some pictures from the recent HPF reunion hosted by Dick Heffler in St. Louis on July 14-17, 2006.  Apparently it was well attended and from the pictures it certainly appears everyone had a great time!

Allen Ritterband sent me the following picture, taken by Bill Wright, of HPF alums from the class of 1981's recent 25th reunion.  Mike Komara also sent me some additional pictures.

(left to right) Mike Komara, Dave Farrington, Jeff Walters, Allen Ritterband, Jim Doscher, Bill Wright, Lon Povich and Ken Flint

Also attending but not pictured - Jim Payne, Steve Risberg, Steve Smith and Geoff Hathaway.

Several HPF bro and friends gathered at the Class of 1976 30th Reunion on June 15-18, 2006.   Those attending included Jeff Reed, Steve Green, Dan Sheedy and Chuck McCann.  The following pictures were sent to me by Steve Green.  On a related note, Stephanie Jaffe Green also informed me that their son Chris will be joining my daughter Caitlin at Dartmouth in the fall as incoming members of the Class of 2010.

Peter Jeton, Nancy Kepes Jeton and Jeff Reed

Chuck and Robin McCann along with Stephanie Jaffe Green


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