2008 HPF News

Got an email from Stump Harriman on Dec. 8th.  Stump writes:

I'm Frederick Stimson Harriman, HPF '75 and brother of Lewis Guildersleeve Harriman HPF '71 (and, by the way, the designer of the HPF Trident). I went by Stimson in those years, and that provoked the nickname "Stump". I visited the house in '84 to find that "Stump Sucks" still remained painted in large letters on my last room's window, it was the one in the sun porch on the 2nd floor in the back. It was good to know that such important traditions die hard, even as the very name of the house had been changed.

I did see Jeff Reed and others at a reunion in '98 or some such year. I'm from Buffalo, so I knew Jeff from social circles there. Dan Sheedy just contacted me and I was glad to have news of him. I am a translator/interpreter of Japanese and Spanish, and at times take jobs in productivity improvement (Toyota style). My Wife is Takayo Miyazaki, and our 2 daughters, Aya and Chie are grown up and on their own -- one in Seattle, and the other in Hamamatsu Japan. I hope to be able to participate in HPF gatherings, but I do have trouble with my schedule, it is quite erratic.

Received an email from Dick Hoffman on Dec. 5th.  Dick says he attended the wedding of Ethan Weiner's eldest daughter in June. Great fun, beautiful setting, miserably hot day.  Ethan's doing well.

According to Dick, 'Linda and I have two kids ... our daughter Courtney is married and lives in San Diego, and our son Andy graduated from UVA in May 2007, taught English for a year in Mongolia (visiting him this past July was quite the adventure), and is now at home, waiting to hear about grad school (in Tasmania) vs. a Peace Corps assignment (in South Africa) vs. heading to Colombia to teach English for another year.  Three choices, three continents.  You can see where our travel money goes!'

Audrey and I were in Florida on vacation the last week in October and were trying to meet up with Thad Seymour and his family.  Spoke with Thad and discovered that amazingly Don Burkhardt and his family were also in Florida on vacation!  We all got together for a fun dinner and mini-77 reunion on Oct. 29th at Jimmy Buffet's Margeritaville restaurant at Universal Studios Orlando.

Back: Katie Seymour, Dave Halpert, Caitlin Halpert, Audrey Halpert, Maddie Seymour, Don Burkhardt, Kris Burkhardt, Thad Seymour
Front: Alex Burkhardt, Jeff Burkhardt

I've been very remiss at publishing news from the bro of late, sorry guys.  Anyway, Ted Moynihan hosted a mini-reunion at his house on June 14, 2008 for HPFers as part of the Class of 78 30th reunion.

Attending and pictured are Cort Corsones, Joe Sullivan, Dave Halpert, Jeff Reed, Steve McAllister, Ted Moynihan, Jim Bullion, Paul Ersham, and Eric Larson.  Cort mentioned that two of his kids are attending Notre Dame and Jim Bullion reported he has a child at Middlebury College.  Cort is now a district court judge in Vermont and will be finishing a term at the end of August presiding over the Windsor County Family Court in White River Junction.

I received an email from Steve Huber '78 on June 12th, 2008.  Steve mentioned he's running for a State Legislature seat in Maine in November.  He was unopposed in the primary but expects a tough race against the Republican incumbent opponent.  He also said he is still teaching chemistry at his alma mater high school.  He also reports his son is doing much better

Thad Seymour recently sent me an email and reports that his son Nate was recently accepted at Dartmouth and will be entering the class of 2012 in the fall.

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