Email 'Discussion' About Fire at 15 Webster Avenue on Feb. 4, 2012

Jeff Reed

Your own roving reporter stumbled across a major conflagration at 15 Webster Avenue tonight. In an apparent attempt to get homeless girls to come to their fraternity, the boys/ dateless homos from Alpha Chi set fire to the sorority next door . The heat generated by the fire has not been seen at that house since Mongo tried to juggle two Carnival dates in 1976 or since TK used Sweet Mary for batting practice in the living room. Fortunately, 5 fire trucks were able to save the house from total immolation and the monument to our many imagined conquests remains standing. 

In actuality, apparently a light bulb fixture shorted and caused lots of smoke and maybe some flames. There might be some water damage from (over) zealous fire fighters. 5 fire trucks did answer the call.

Chuck McCann

On the upside, one rather notorious coffee table was converted to ashes almost immediately.

Dan Sheedy

I remember walking down Webster Ave towards HPF one weekend evening.  A line of police cars, Campus po, Hanover po, NH staties, VT staties, Norwich, was heading to and from the HPF end of the row.  It was like a parade or procession. When I got to HPF, I quickly learned that a match of strip ping-pong was being played between Chuck McCann and Ted Stone and their respective dates. The police went down Webster, cruised the picture window in the pong room, and turned around in the Aquinas House driveway before heading the opposite way on Webster. Later it was learned that the main frame computer at Kiewit had disappeared during the same hours as the ping-pong match.  The police CB raido was so clogged with talk of the naked Ping-pong match that info on the crime could not be relayed to the officers on duty. No connection between the two events was ever proven but it was noted that Thomas Crown had checked into the Hanover Inn that weekend.

Jeff Reed

Is this a true story or apocryphal?  Pierce Brosnon or Steve McQueen version of Thomas Crown?

Dan Sheedy

Of course, it is a true story!!! At least, most of it.

Just rewatched original Thomas Crown affair (McQueen) and found it enjoyable.  Recognized some of the Boston locations from my time there.  Doesn't it make you feel good to know that guyly guys like Thomas Crown, Harrison Ford's character in Working Girl are more likely to be Dartmouth grads?  I know it never fails to please me although I don't have any reasons to question the guy-ness of other school grads.

Ted Moynihan

Chuck, I think you've been deceived.  That coffee table is part of the permanent collection of the Hood Museum, though not often seen by the public.  And when Ceeps prepared the footings for the first pour of concrete he made sure that a certain trophy cup was placed in the honorary position for future archeologists to find and debate.

Ceeps, was the smoking light fixture one that Dave the Plumber installed, or was it some of Sheedy's work? 

Jeff Reed

Could have been Chuck when he was working for Dave Da Plumber. The plot thickens!

Dan Sheedy

Ted,  I never touched electrical.  That was you and Chuck who started knocking down walls the old-fashioned way (with sledgehammers) when I was in Florida (after visiting Lex and Davey but not their future wives in Texas).  When I came back and saw what you had done I started knocking down walls, the new-fashioned way, with heads.

Just like an engineer.  Why clean the kitchen, just renovate it!

Gary Mayo

I can’t speak to the electrical conflagration, but I did assist Mongo one year with a surplus Carnival date…..but it was 1979 or 1980………I had to bring her all the way back to Laconia (where I was living), and return her the next morning so she could go home to New York

Mongo is still honing those skills today, I suspect!

Ted Moynihan

Yes, honing is probably the correct verb to describe it.   Mongo has started  an electrical fire in many a girl's box....

Jeff Reed

So I got the year wrong. Could have been any number of years! I'm surprised Steve has not responded with "I never touched those girls!".

Steve McAllister

What?  Mongo touch girls?  (Who is Steve?)  Mongo never deny touching (or using ropes or feathers or other implements of pleasure)!!   TK make many denials. But not Mongo.

What, two carnival dates?  Not so!  One of them self-dinged herself, "I can't make it that weekend."  But then she changed her mind on Friday afternoon and showed up to surprise me. Well, it did surprise me.

Besides what is two carnival dates compared with having two dates in the house at one time?  That was tricky. And only one of them hated me forever.