2005 Halpert News


Many members of the Mendoza and Halpert family visited on Oct. 9th, 2005 for a dinner in honor of Audrey's father Walter Mendoza's 80th birthday.

Walter, Caitlin, Dave, Audrey, Alma, Emma, Caroline, Samantha, Dan, Kimberly, Mary, Lauren, Alex, Paul, Mark and Carson gathered at Brownsville

The family spent the weekend of Sept.10th, 2005 visiting Alex at Union.  Alex and his friends had a great housewarming barbeque at the house they are now renting at school.  We also saw a good football game under the lights where Union defeated Springfield College 35-7!  Alex's good friend and housemate Elliot Silverstein is the starting left tackle for Union and had a fantastic game.

Lauren Cole (Alex's girlfriend) and Alex in front of Alex's house

Mindy, Jim and their twins came to visit for Labor Day Weekend.  We had beautiful weather all weekend and took the opportunity to visit the Vermont State Fair in Rutland.  The twins had a great time.

Hard to believe time has flown by so fast, but Audrey and I celebrated our 25th wedding Anniversary on Aug. 17th!  A very old friend, Matt Kurth, and his family stopped by that day and we had a nice get-together.  I've know Matt since we were both in 7th grade together in Andover, Mass.  Audrey's father and my parents took us out for a wonderful dinner later in the week when they all came to visit.

Anniversary Dinner with Audrey's dad Walter Mendoza, my parents Sid and June Halpert and Caitlin.

Caitlin had a very successful end to her 2005 summer swim season at the Vermont State meet at Rutland on Aug. 6th.  She had personal best times in all her events, placed in the top ten in the state in all 4 individual events including a 3rd place finish in in the 50 yard Butterfly!

Caitlin with some of her Woodstock Swim Teammates at the Vermont State Meet

Audrey and Dave recently return from an early 25th Anniversary trip to Italy in June.  A very nice time was had during our two weeks there which included visits to Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre and Venice.  We both agreed that the nicest place we stayed was the tiny cliffside town of Manarola which is in Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera.


May 26th was awards night at Woodstock Union High School and we are very proud of Caitlin who won several top awards.  She was presented the Rensselaer Medal, as well as a substantial academic scholarship, as the top Math and Science student and she also won the Clarkson University  High School Achievement Award and the Smith College Book Award for English.

May 21st was a big night for Caitlin as she attended the Woodstock Union High School Junior Prom with her boyfriend Andre Malerba along with many of her friends.

Caitlin & Andre before Prom

Dave celebrated his 50th birthday on Feb. 6th skiing at Killington.  The New England Patriots gave him a late birthday present with their Super Bowl win the same day.

Caitlin, Audrey and Dave on top of Killington Peak


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